Emanating from the love and uniqueness of Indonesian products, brought us to create a masterpiece through batik. Thinking “out of the box” is imperative as we see batik as a formal dress yet with a monotonous design. With Tuku Batik Indonesia we are doing our best to create elegant, fashionable, luxurious yet simple and relaxed design, suitable for everyday use.

We are focused on material’s quality and workmanship, of which 90% are still traditionally hand-sewn. Our mission and vision at Tuku Batik Indonesia is to provide quality and at the same time, opportunity for people to get their own “batik masterpiece”. We are making a breakthrough, so that the words such as “monotonous” and “boring” are nowhere near batik. Together with Tuku Batik Indonesia, let’s support and empower local products!

Meet Our Team

Founder - Director

Wendy Po is a businesswoman born and raised in Semarang, went to multiple schools in Jakarta, Singapore, Beijing, and Shanghai to pursue her education and exploring her taste in clothes design in asian area.

She is always interested in styling and designing elegant clothes that just works with the best fabrics she can find. in Tuku Batik Indonesia, she combined her artsy styles, multinational design knowledge, and elegant taste, with batik patterns and materials.

“Elegance is the only beauty that never fades”

Founder - Creative Director

Raymond Leonard is already an active designer in fashion Industry for a few years, before he decided to enter Jakarta’s fashion Industry in 2015. He went to well known and respected fashion school in Jakarta to forge his skills and knowledge in fashion world. His first design exhibition is held in Jakarta Fashion Week, 2017. Starting from there, most of his collections are worn in television programs all over Indonesia, including performing artists and hosts.

His design philosophy is structured dress with strong lines. With unique cutting and vivid colors, each dress is unique and have strong character, embracing the elegance of a woman.

“Elegance is not being noticed, it’s about being remembered.”